Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is the second spread of the Lithuanian fairy tale I've been working on for my BFA. This illustration has come so far! It wouldn't have been nearly as good without all of the wonderful critiques and advice I've received on it so far. Critiques, comments, and educated and explained opinions are so powerful in helping me improve in my work. I'd very much like to hear/read your thoughts about the basically finished product. My one disclaimer is that the spot illustration is only a rough place holder. I'd even like help on the text; design and writing. As far as the writing goes, I want it simple and to read like a classic fairy tale. I haven't addressed it much as far as the finished text goes. English majors, GO! :)


Wow, this washes out online. Going much more saturated in photoshop I'm going to melt my lappy from the radiation of the pixels, but it looks so blah here! Pixels, such defiant little creatures.


  1. This is beautiful. I love your character. The whole piece has evolved considerably since the last time I saw it. I like how the colored text corresponds to the border. When are you displaying your BFA? Oh and thanks again for your critique on my Wizard of Oz piece that helped a ton.

  2. I would warm up her face a little - I can't tell if the fabric in the foreground is under the water or not so maybe bring a little more definition into that if it isn't and I would push the rocks in the background into a grey so they sink back further. Also - the illustration doesn't really suggest weather the snake is bad or good - first read for me was good. And I think you need more tone in the snake. And his upper body might cast a shadow onto the lower part?
    As far as the text- I agree that it needs a little more thought. I'll work on it and send my edits on. :)
    p.s. so glad I know you and know I can just tell you what I think and that you won't be hurt by it.


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