Saturday, August 4, 2012


Just a few sketches that I liked.  The circus horse was inspired by my dear friend, Emily Davis, who recently did a circus horse of her own.  Circus subject mater is so fun!  There is no over the top in the big top. :)  The girl in the corner is the drawing on watercolor paper that I'm going to paint.  It was meant for last week's Illustration Friday topic, lonely.  It's an interesting feeling to reflect on, because it seems like most of the time, even though we can't tell, we're the one holding the trowel.  I've recently been trying to learn about myself and make changes so I can be a happier person.  Loneliness hasn't really been my main struggle, but it's the same basic story.  You develop bad habits or attitudes, which lead to actions and feelings that build a wall.  Taking it down and keeping it down takes time and effort. Then the tricky part is not picking up the trowel again and falling back into old patterns.  A bit of a personal work in progress story to go with some work in progress illustration.  Fitting.

What do you think about the sketches?  My hubby, Jamin, got a kick out of the house pet circus sketch.    Any comments on the lonely drawing before I get into watercolor would be great!  I'm planning to put wooded boards over her brick box and have some light sneaking in through the cracks, despite her best efforts.  I just haven't decided what direction the boards should run along the roof, and what direction the light should be coming in at to get just the right mood.

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