Friday, March 1, 2013

Fear of Repetition?

So here's number two of the ABC speed paintings.  It's good that tomorrow isn't a favorite snack fruit that we're currently out of, because the boys were begging for apples and bananas all yesterday and today.  What a compliment!  :)

On today's painting I wondered about how to choose background and shadow colors.  I started with an idea of a different background color, but it wasn't working.  It's pretty tricky to build up a nice Y/YO banana on a sky blue background.  I fiddled with it as I went and wound up with a background very similar to the apple speed paint's.  This kind of worried me.  I don't want to have all my work be the same.  Instead of dwelling on these kind of fears and concerns I decided to put them aside and look at the pros of what I was doing.
     -I'm actually finishing little paintings for practice!  WOOHOO!!!
     -If I end up practicing the same thing for the whole alphabet then I might be getting onto something that I really like and would be starting to get familiar with. 
     -I don't feel like my work has had as much of a consistant feel as I'd like it to.  Doing the same/similar thing might help me find a groove that I can work with in any application. 
     -I won't actually be doing the same thing every time even if it may look like that.  I'll be learning and applying new things every time.
     -These little paintings make me feel really good.  

As long as I'm working to get better, even if it all looks the same, I'm still moving forward.  
Take a hike fears.

B is for Banana
Speed paint ~2hrs
Photoshop CS5

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