Friday, September 30, 2011

Revised Monochromatic

Prints Available

Here is the revised version. I like it much better. Going back and revising helped me get more control over my values and saturations. I like it better without the hearts.  Thanks!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color II - Monochromatic / IF: Mesmerizing

This assignment was to create a piece of art in any media that was monochromatic, or in other words one color plus black and white. To prepare us for this assignment we made three 10 step value scales. One was purely black and white, one was our favorite intense color value scale, and one was a chromatic grey value scale. Chromatic greys are pure neutral with a tiny touch of color. With all those colors, you actually get a rather dynamic pallet. This monochromatic illustration is meant to be using what I approximated as cadmium red light. The medium is digital, though I had a fellow illustration friend think it was traditional acrylic for a second. What a compliment! I'm rather happy with the finished product, but I already know at least three little details I would change. The drawing was way fun and painting monochromatic is so relaxing. I normally have such a hard time choosing color, but just working in one color all you have to worry about is value and intensity. This class is, and will continue to be a great learning experience for me in mastering the BEAST that is color.

Two birds with one stone, yes? I think he looks pretty mesmerized. :)

I am open to and would appreciate your critiques.
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