Friday, September 30, 2011

Revised Monochromatic

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Here is the revised version. I like it much better. Going back and revising helped me get more control over my values and saturations. I like it better without the hearts.  Thanks!


  1. Good one. I like it much better without the hearts. The expression says it all.

  2. I agree- don't need the hearts. :)
    I think it would be stronger if he was looking at her- he seems to be looking at the space to her right.
    There's a weird spot under his hand- is he dropping something?
    I would push the grass behind her a little darker still and maybe add some of the desaturated brown to the other side of the grass so we know it's the same stuff.
    You might also consider pushing more shadows in their persons so there is a little more contrast- right now it is a style and very soft ad there's nothing wrong with that- out everything is more striking with more contrast.
    His backpack needs a little more bulk- right now it looks almost like it's empty.
    yeah- I would say you can be a little more confident in your shadows overall- the shadows in his sweater are a little mushy so I would recommend sharpening those.
    Hope this helps!
    This is a fun new direction for you, Shara! Exciting!

  3. I like it better without the hearts too. And the values in her hair make her stand out from the tree much better now :) good job


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