Monday, March 21, 2011

Such is life and logos

So, it's kind of depressing being away from the creative process for awhile. It's been two months since Kyler was born and I still have a pretty shaky handle on managing my life. I wish that I would just do the things that I know I should. I know there's some amazing potential inside of me, it's just sad that I feel like I can't even reach the next rung on the ladder let alone climb it.

I know that my biggest problem is that I want to do it on my own. I know that I can't reach the potential that I feel inside me without my Heavenly Father's help. It's painfully hard to relearn how to do that as a wife and mother of two. "I've studied the scriptures everyday before," I tell myself, "I've gone to bed and woken up early so I get enough sleep before, I've sketched and drawn and painted for pleasure before, I've felt the Holy Ghost move me in my life on a daily basis before. Why can't I now!?" My response to myself is that it kind of took my awhile to figure all that out. Like all of my single life. So, unfortunately for my impatience with myself, it's just going to take awhile to figure out how to have all of that again in my new life of fabulous family and frequent fluctuation. The joy of alliteration has thankfully never left. :)

It is a blessing that I've had opportunities to exercise and expand my talents in this time when what I normally do and what I want to do have been difficult for me. Those opportunities have come in the form of logo design and other more graphic design type services. I say services because they've been for my family.

The first has been helping my dad redesign my uncle's website for his chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage practice he runs in Idaho Falls. I'm not trained as a graphic designer, so I've just been feeling my way through all of this, and working in Illustrator.

Advanced Health and Physical Therapy - logo -

- website banner -

The second was the logo and business card design for a business my dad wants to start up.

MoLocal - logo -

- business card development -

He went with the two star design.

It's been quite fun to do and I feel so artistically and creatively rejuvenated after working on them. Now I just have to figure everything else out... Patience Shara, patience.
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