Monday, November 14, 2011

Watercolor Gifts

For my most recent watercolor assignment I made gifts for my friend who got married this past weekend and another friend of mine who had her baby shower.

This was for my friend who got married. A cute quote with my first experiment with masking fluid. It was fun to try a text piece, especially the negative positive play with the flower shapes. Silly me, I forgot to scan the final before I framed it. Sorry for the discoloration of the photo under warm light.

These were for my friend to decorate their nursery. I found out her favorite animals are hawks and falcons so I made a Mama falcon, Papa hawk, and baby chick. The parents look at each other with the baby below in the middle.

Over all they were enjoyable, but I definitely got what I paid for in the cheap-o paper. Arches would have been much better, but it was a good learning experience. Maybe good for little studies. I'll find a use for it, but not the best for finial pieces.


  1. So fun and thoughtful, Shara!
    I love the subtlety of watercolor, but I think your digital stuff has been so strong lately! (and it's a lot less messy with little ones, right?) ;)

  2. Nice. Sometimes it is nice to get out the actual paints. But I am with Emily digital is so much easier with babies!


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