Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Color II - Pallet's WIP

Due to a wonderful break to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday, feed back on current projects is painfully limited.  Such is life.  So, if you see this and have a few minutes to appraise what I have done so far and comment your suggestions I would be ever so grateful!  It's good for digestion. :)

This assignment was to find 3 pieces of art that had inspirational color.  We then broke the color in those pieces into simple ratios to more easily see how they composed the color and why it was so attractive to us.  The final part of the project is to create our own pieces with the color ratios of our inspirational pieces.  It's a great process that I'm going to have to practice more.  Being inspired by others is a great way to learn from them.

Here is what I have so far....

I am at a work in progress stage with these, some more than others.  I have things I plan to do, but I'd really like to hear from you.  What do you think are the most important things for me to adjust, fix, and refine on these pieces?

ps: that took long time to get to look good in the post!


  1. I totally don't know anything about color, but the message your painting gives is amazing. I sat and looked at it for about 15 minutes and kept finding deep meaning in what I saw, and what I continued to see. Elements of the piece kept revealing themselves to me. It really spoke to me, and I can totally make the connection to my favorite scripture. I must have this in my home, do you thing you could pull some strings with the artist?

  2. I think the top one is definitely the strongest for the "stepping" picture, but I didn't see the sea creature until I looked at the next one. I really like this bottom picture with the lady and the moon. Lovely. I think your's of that color scheme needs the light in the background/sky and it would be a lot stronger.
    What a fun assignment.
    Good work Shara!

  3. The second stepping stone colors make it much clearer that a monster is trying to get the stepper. I never noticed the stepper on the right until the third color combination. I like the peacock girl. It's very interesting how color can make us notice different things about the same picture.

    Dad (commenting)


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