Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Color II - 3 Contrasts

The assignment was to create an image in a square format 3 different ways. First, using only contrast of value to create a focal point. Second, create a different focal point using only contrast of saturation. This one was a little trickier because you can't exclude value, but the contrast of saturation was supposed to overpower any contrast of value there might be. Third was to basically have no contrast of value or saturation, but of hue. So a "blue" object would be blue in all three, but the hues in the third would be grouped so closely it would seem like there is no contrast at all.

These are my revisions from my first go at the assignment. Sadly, I didn't get them printed today, so this beauty of a project probably won't see the Spori display wall. I'm happy with the first two pieces, but the hue exercise might still be a little too close to be discernible. No contrast, yet still discernible. What a challenge!

The process of production for this project was executing each painting in watercolor, scanning them, and manipulating them in photoshop. The hue exercise was the most heavily photoshopped because the watercolor paper had so much variation of value due to the tooth of the paper. Beautiful, but not appropriate to that specific exercise.

1 comment:

  1. Neat. What a good exercise to do. My favorite is the value contrast. The no contrast one is hard to make out, but I think that is kind of the point. Maybe if you had chosen to use a mid value it would be more discernable rather than the light value you used, but good job.


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