Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Watercolor - Texture Experimentation

In preparation for our next assignment, a painting structured around textures, we got to experiment with making whatever kind of textures we wanted. My favorites were saran wrap, rice, and twisting a stiff fibrous tube(I don't actually know what it is). Here are some close ups.

This close up has rice, cork, shower poof, that fiber tube thingy, salt, garbage bag, and crumby paper towels.
This one is a little fuzzy, but it's a close up of how the saran wrap turned out. I like it a lot.

This one has sea sponge, the fiber tube twisted on it's end, and basically those same things repeated in a few "squares." Oh look! There's the saran wrap again. ;)

I'm not sure what I'll do for the texture painting, but I want to do something with either saran wrap, the swirls, or rice. We'll see!


  1. was the fibrous twisted tube thing a loofah? Your colors all look splendid together, by the way!

  2. Yeah, Laurel, it actually is. I didn't know what a loofah sponge was before, but I looked it up and it was/is a loofah. Thanks. It was interesting designing on an exercise assignment. Good practice, and fun with color.


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