Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watercolor - Glazing Colors Exercise

This exercise shows how you can create different colors by glazing(A wash dried + B wash). My class did a little different format than I did. The approach I took was something I saw on James Gurney's blog(the creator of the Dinotopia books). His watercolor exercise is here. The diagonal colors are the pure pigments and the two sides show how the colors combine as glazes and the differences between having each color layered underneath and on top of all the other colors. Under each swatch there's a little formula telling what is there. Color A is the color underneath and color B is on top. A + B = what you see. It was great fun!!


  1. Shara great job on the glaze exercise. Exceptional color variations.
    The French Horn was a great success. The low key value dominance and the light create a dynamic piece.

  2. This glazes project is really impressive. I always have a hard time with my different squares running into each-other. I don't know how you did it with so many but it's very clean. Impressive.

  3. You want to know my secret? ...tape. ;)


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