Saturday, February 1, 2014

illolifeRPG - Character Sheet - Level 4 Illustrator Mama!

You know how kids are way more motivated to work if they're having fun?  Why do we forget that handy trick as we get older?  It works when you're 5.  It works when your 25. I'm proof!

This is my first character sheet for a new FB group called illolifeRPG alpha. The idea is that you get XP and level up as you set goals and achieve them. Participating has really helped me be more motivated and productive in my life and my art. It feels so great! If your a creative body, I highly recommend checking it out.  Especially if you have a bit of a fantasy or gaming streak.

Interesting to note: This is the first piece where I used several layer masks so I could freely paint and still keep a clean silhouette.  I've used masks before, but I usually paint the negative space around the outside of the whole subject.  This time I blacked out the whole mask and painted back in the space I wanted to keep.  I also had a few separate layers like skin, hair & clothes, and sword.  I also had fun using colored line.  I just locked the pixels for that.

Things I love about this: My first self portrait I actually liked as I worked on it and as a finished piece; Aladdin pants! I'm so getting a pair for real; The idea of flying by means of riding clouds; and that I turned my Wacom pen into my two handed foam sword. Now I can conquer my foes and my projects!

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