Saturday, June 30, 2012

IF: Refresh

This is my take on the Illustration Friday topic of Refresh.  It's about time I posted something new.  It feels great to get something ready for IF.  I did it in about three hours, so I don't feel like it's something I'd call finished.  But I do feel like it was a good exercise and practice.  It feels so good to sneak in some illustrating!!  Even though it's not truely finished, and there are still things that I would refine, how do you think it could be better?  Even if it seems obvious?

I also tried a saturation adjustment to see if I liked it better.  I think I like the contrast of saturation in the first one that emphasizes the heat.  Then the contrast of temperature in the cools bring you to the glass of water.  What do you think?

Thanks for looking and hopefully there will be more to come!


  1. Wow, 3 hours? It's really great and interesting. I really like the perspective. The difference is really subtle but I do like the slightly brighter reflection in the second one.

    Tragically, your IF link didn't work. (They just changed the layout this week!). But hopefully other folks will find you on Google and come over anyway. Or maybe you can email Penelope at IF and have them fix it?

  2. The guy looks like I feel in the heat. It took me a white to figure out his fingers on his leg.

  3. Thanks Cindy and Mom for your input. Looking at it now, I think I do like the version that has a bit more saturation. Makes if feel hotter to me, which makes the water seem all the more refreshing. Thanks for pointing out the fingers Mom. They need to have a better read. Thanks again for looking and commenting!!


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