Monday, May 16, 2011

Egle and her family

This is a piece I'm working on as a part of my BFA. It's a family portrait, if you will, of the main character of the story. She's the one getting her hair braided. Those familiar with my other BFA work may note some changes to her character.

What would you like to see more of or different to make it better? Thanks for the help!


  1. Thanks for looking at my blog. I really need to start posting things more often. Yeah I am back to taking classes. I am hoping to be finished by July.

    This looks like a lot of fun Shara! I like how you have chosen a variety of body types for the characters. A character description for each one would help me critique them more specifically, but a couple of things I noticed were:
    1. The girl in pink with the brown bun- at first glance I thought she had a goatee. You may want to soften the lines around her mouth.
    2. The main character- I like where she is headed, but I think she will look more feminine if her neck was narrower (and maybe longer). I also think her face could be elongated.
    3. I like the variety in the men's costumes, and unless the story won't allow it I would like to see more variation in the women's costumes other than color.

  2. Thanks for the crit Alissa. It's so great to get input from outside my brain. We're moving stuff into Madison Park in July. Hopefully I'l get to see your BFA up while we visit. So many people are graduating in the summer!! I miss BFA class and seeing what everyone is working on.

    Thanks again!

  3. Very nice, Shara! It's so fun to see you developing characters!
    The man on the left end looks like he needs the rest of his right foot to show under the arm-wrestling woman. The tall skinny man's neck is kind-of kinked and I would recommend taking out the interior line. It's also kind-of odd that the lady standing next to your main character is staring off the same direction- you might try to make her a little more dynamic and narrative.
    It's really fun, and feels very much like a snap-shot of personalities. Great work! Can't wait to see your BFA stuff!


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