Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spot Illustration page layout

I need to learn a lot more about illustrator. Fiddling with the text was tricky, but it came out okay for my first time doing a page layout. There are probably tons of little things that bug graphic designers, but I did my best and it was fun. Eye disease and pink go really well together. :)


  1. That's alot of pink!. Love the piece. The logo at the beginning of the text is very interesting. How did you come up with that design? I must add a disclaimer, I am the artist's father.

  2. Hey, I normally don't get any comments, and yours are especially welcome.

    The lots of pink came from the nature of the assignment. The illustration had to be done using only one color. Because I wanted to focus on the diseased eye to get the point across I chose to go with red... which turns into pink more often than not. :)

    I got the heading from the article information and I thought that if it was in a magazine that this article would be in it's own little sub category. Thus the Health Lore sub heading.

    I did a lot of thumbnails trying to figure out what would work. I was having a hard time at first with the horizontal illustration into a vertical layout, but I like it. I especially like how the illustration breaks the inner format of the brown lines and goes out past the page format.

    Thanks for commenting Dad.


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