Friday, September 11, 2009

Watermelon Nerds

Arg!! So, I don't know why the tall skinny watermelon nerd is upside down, but he is for some strange reason. Anyway, my family in law has two exchange students this year and they're both girls. I was talking with one and she told me about how now she LOVES nerds candy, but she didn't know that there were more than just the one flavor that she had already tried. I told her that there were lots of flavors; cherry, apply, watermelon... and when I said watermelon I thought she was going to lose her eyes to the carpet they bugged out so big! Apparently watermelon is her favorite flavor of all time and nerds being her new favorite candy the thought of them together was too awesome to conceive. I loved her reaction so much that I sketched some "watermelon nerds" for her viewing pleasure. She thought they were cute. And I really wish the one wasn't upside down, but that's life I guess.


  1. wow I really like these, they're super cute. I wonder if I can commission you to sketch something for me. I have a friend who is a super nerd and we have a little inside joke about him being a nerdy watermelon and me being a shady banana. We're engineers, our jokes suck, I know. Do you think you could sketch something with the shady banana and nerdy watermelon playing together or deriving an equation? Here is a link to what I think of when I say Shady Banana,
    your sketch of the thinner watermelon holding the oblique other guy is what I envision as the nerdy watermelon, only with squared glasses.
    challenge presented, what do you think? I wanted to draw something myself but I'm not as good as you hehe I'd like to give it to him as a present for graduation or something :) let me know! and thanks!

  2. That would be totally awesome! I really enjoyed drawing the watermelon nerds and it would be fun to revisit and throw a shady banana into the mix. If I'm right, you liked the one on the bottom of the middle picture?

    So here are just a few questions for me to get an idea of what you'd like.
    What would your budget be for the project?
    Do you just want a nice drawing or all the way to a finished illustration?
    When is your friend graduating?
    Are you a guy or a gal? Important info for the shady banana character design. ;)
    Is this a good way to contact each other or do you have an email I can contact you through, because I don't know if you are notified to me commenting after your comment.

    Hope you get to see my response! I'm excited to work with you to do this illustration. :)

    ~Shara Mills


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